Flexibility of having distributed teams and the ability to work from a multitude of environments (such as the home, office or remote location) is not just a perquisite, it is a necessity to remain competitive. Especially in today’s uncertain environment. However, remote working environments do not possess the same defenses as in the office. As a result an employee working from home does not operate under layers of preventive security protocols to protect your business data. Therefore, They are more likely accessing privileged data from home network or worse from unsecured public Wi-Fi at coffee shops.

How can you protect your data?

According to a study conducted by IPSOS, chances of a data security breach increases by 86% when working from home, regardless of the device being a personal device of the employee or a company provisioned one. Here are few things to consider to protect your business data:

  1. Endpoint protection for employee devices
  2. Encryption to keep data out of the wrong hands
  3. Two-factor authentication for all VPNs
  4. Cyber security awareness training for all employees

In Conclusion, Secure your Privileged company data with these powerful layers of protection as your company gears up to manage a remote workforce without having to worry about the network or devices used by employees. For details just schedule a call with one of our security experts and leave the rest to us.

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