Cloud Services

Unlimited scalability, increased performance, better price, and agility can now be within your reach. Considering a move to the cloud? CSG Technologies would be glad to help you navigate this process.

How our process maintains to manage your service

1. Comprehensive Strategy

To help smooth a frequently bumpy path to a cloud platform such
as AWS, organizations need to craft a migration plan. Tool-based framework
accelerates time to market and adds value to your business
transformation. Fast-track your cloud migration strategy with CSG’s
structured, holistic, and agile approach.

2. Business Impact Analysis

The Impact Analysis service enables organizations to gain an accurate
view of the benefits that could be realized when specific IT activities or
the entire IT infrastructure are transitioned to the cloud. The Impact
Analysis forms part of CSG’s cloud adoption methodology.

3. Best Practices for Deployment

Adopting an agile methodology and working in sprints to perform mass
migrations is how we ensure operational costs and risks are minimized
while staying ahead of the migration timelines.

4. Thorough Testing

We implement robust cloud migration testing strategy to ensure all
enterprise applications are running flawlessly in the cloud environment
and delivering optimal user experience.

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Surprises in IT can cost you a month’s worth of revenue, a client or even your reputation. We reconfigure the unpredictable nature of technology to make it consistent and reliable taking care of managing your IT infrastructure, while saving you time and money on its maintenance and upgrade. We promise to be the outsourced IT expert you can trust.