Security & Business Continuity

IT Security & Business Continuity go hand & glove. Cyber-security includes your people, information systems, processes & procedures. CSG Technologies will help you calculate your risk and design & implement an IT Security & Business Continuity Plan that will protect your business.

How our process maintains to manage your service

1. Security Monitoring & Alerting

CSG Technologies provides outsourced monitoring and management of
security infrastructure, networks, and systems. We provide 24/7 services
designed to reduce the number of operational security resources and
investments an enterprise needs to retain to maintain an acceptable
security posture and adhere to compliance mandates.

2. Incidence Response

Our incident response services are designed to stop attacks in their
tracks, how they have affected your business, mitigate future damage,
and collect all relevant evidence for civil, criminal, or regulatory

3. Business Continuity Management

CSG Technologies will work with you to identify the core business
processes and create a structured framework that is designed to defend
against potentials threats, whether they be financial, technical, social,
political, or environmental.

4. Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery services are designed to get you a strategy that
protects your critical data and systems. A comprehensive threat
impact analysis, assessment and building a critical response team
will ensure your systems are back online within recovery times specific to
your business.

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Surprises in IT can cost you a month’s worth of revenue, a client or even your reputation. We reconfigure the unpredictable nature of technology to make it consistent and reliable taking care of managing your IT infrastructure, while saving you time and money on its maintenance and upgrade. We promise to be the outsourced IT expert you can trust.