High Performance Wireless Networks

At CSG Technologies, we understand the importance of connectivity that not only boosts communication with your clients but also improves performance of your staff, all while protecting your data. We are experienced architects of high-performance wireless networks. Our end-to-end approach to wireless solution design and implementation gives you total  Peace of mind.

How our process maintains to manage your service

1. Network Assessment & Optimization

We can examine and assess your current wireless network architecture and
configuration to identify weak areas or potential security concerns. We can analyze
broadcast frequencies, signal strengths, channel conflicts, or interference and
congestion points on your network to determine issues and recommend
remediation activities that will improve your network’s performance.

2. Network Design & Implementation

Our certified engineers can design a wireless network architecture that considers the
specific needs of your unique environment, such as segregating traffic to discourage interference or providing secure guest access. Then, we’ll install and configure your
wireless infrastructure according to your customized strategy, including access
points, wireless LAN controllers, switches, structured cabling, and more.

3. Network Installation

We specialize in wireless network installation across a range of industry sectors including
legal, warehousing and logistics, schools, colleges, and office WiFi for large corporate organisations. Our certified team of highly experienced engineers have a wealth of
knowledge in complex wireless network installation and industry expertise. We pride
ourselves in ensuring that your WiFi installation is swift whilst remaining thorough to
ensure maximum connectivity, with minimal disruption to your business.

4. Network Support & Management

Maximize ROI and ensure maximum availability for your wireless network with CSG Technologies’ Wireless Network Management and Support. We can monitor your
wireless solution to protect against service interruptions, perform administrative tasks to
keep your network functioning optimally and securely, and provide you with access to
our 24/7 network support.

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Surprises in IT can cost you a month’s worth of revenue, a client or even your reputation. We reconfigure the unpredictable nature of technology to make it consistent and reliable taking care of managing your IT infrastructure, while saving you time and money on its maintenance and upgrade. We promise to be the outsourced IT expert you can trust.