About Us

For us IT is personal. Our approach is simple. We take the time to listen to YOUR NEEDS…and fully understand YOUR BUSINESS.

Who we are…

Based in Jacksonville, FL, CSG Technologies was founded in 1995. Though we have a strong connection to North Florida community, we have a strong ​North American presence​. Though we are technologist, we understand technology exists to enable people accomplish things beyond their innate abilities and improve the quality of their lives.

Our approach…​

Here at CSG Technologies we’re on a mission to change the way managed services are delivered. It’s not just the quality of our advise and expertise, it’s the way we do it that makes all the difference. With people at the heart of our business and yours, dealing with IT has never been easier.

What we believe…

By focusing on our mission, we seek to become the recognized market leader in custom IT solution development and implementation while joyfully serving others and resolving their challenges. If we do this, we believe we can help others focus on achieving their goals and living meaningful lives.

What we value…​

We’re attracted to likeminded, ambitious, agile, high growth businesses who realize the true potential of IT to gain that all important competitive edge. We also like to walk the talk by implementing proactive solutions that are tried and tested, before they are offered to our customers.

CSG Technologies is built upon 5 core tenets that result in elegant solutions and superior customer service.

Best Practices​

CSGT strives to bring generally accepted, superior methods and techniques to every IT challenge. The CSGT procedure for delivering superior solutions and customer service is shaped by best practices touching all departments. We do what is right to produce optimal results for our clients.​

Skilled Staff

We hire the very best. Our engineers and customer support staff understand the importance of technology to your business. Our team approached each tasks with a sense of urgency to create solutions that work and fit within your budget. Our staff is curious and continually remains abreast with new technology and methods to remain knowledgeable and proficient.

Team Approach

Some people have a “guy”; our clients have a team. CSGT is staffed by a team of experts who know technology and have a blast resolving challenges. The team approach encourages creative thinking and elegant solutions plus, you will never hear, “I am out of the office on vacation for two weeks and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience when I return”. Our 24/7/365 team is always available.

Collaborative Approach

Our goal is to eliminate technology challenges that keeps you from doing your job. How do we do that? By collaborating with you and your team. We ask the right questions and listen to understand the needs of your business and your staff.

Superior Analytics

CSG Technologies understands the value of incorporating a method of logical analysis in the development of IT solutions for our clients. We don’t “wing it” or fall for the “latest trends” when developing and managing IT solutions for our clients.

Why Us?

CSG Technologies is a fast growing team of highly skilled, passionate IT professionals. Our laser-like focus on client satisfaction ensures excellence in service delivery, enabling faster innovation and enhanced productivity. Our
services are dynamic, scalable, resilient, and responsive. We don’t believe
in one-size-fits-all solution and take a highly collaborative approach to
align our services with your business goals