5 Benefits of Managed Services for the Remote Workforce

Managed Services Providers (MSP) have played a instrumental role in providing technical support to companies worldwide. They extend assistance to companies by monitoring and securing networks and maintaining IT infrastructure, while preventing companies from bearing the full weight of sustaining an on-site team. However, with the explosion of remote working, companies have found an immediate need to partner with MSPs. For instance, the demand for managed services grew by 11.3%. The benefits they offer ranging from comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to boosting productivity, connectivity, and efficiency of remote working forces has caused this surge. Here is how MSPs can help support your remote workforce.

Better Network Performance

A good network system receives, transmits, and exchanges data efficiently. In turn, a quality network performance is essential to increase work efficiency, especially among a scattered working arrangement. Network performance is measured by end-user experience . This efficient flow of data exchange can measured be achieved by maintaining the right qualitative and quantitative balance. Maintaining this balance lies solely in the hands of the network administrator. The administrator must review, measure and improve network services so that the business may be able to allow its remote employees to access the company’s network, remotely.

Delegating the network administrator’s role to an MSP is the most viable solution to tackle remote working challenges. MSPs expertise and technological advancement can increase the proficiency of an in-house IT team or fill the need for one. A Managed Service Provider is better equipped to identify network performance discrepancies and fix them in real-time. Moreover, the continuous monitoring by MSPs helps identify issues with server space and leaves less room for human error. These features provide the benefit of quicker response time and less downtime.

Access to Latest Technology

The remote working culture have pushed companies to fast track their tech evolution. When technology changes, infrastructure changes inevitably. Especially when facilitating secure remote working environment. However, a robust managed service provider can help growing businesses tap into these new technological enhancements. The cloud is one such technological trend. Innovative cloud technology has provided cloud-based tools such as virtual desktops, hosted phone systems, VPN, and a plethora of web-based applications as a solution to increase remote working productivity.

However, migrating to the cloud is requires careful consideration. It associates migrating on-premise legacy infrastructure to the cloud. Juggling large database migration, data security, and company operation continuity while carrying out the migration process requires a savvy professional’s input offered by MSP’s. Accessibility to work communication apps such as Microsoft teams or Office 365 via mobile devices is an appealing option. But threats associated with the use of mobile devices puts business data security at stake. As a solution, MSPs can also help businesses to enact policy controls and integrate mobile device management applications to remote worker’s mobile devices. Also, they can help companies explore
upcoming virtual reality tools that enhance team collaborations, presentations, and virtual working environments. These services assist businesses to adapt to remote work challenges and position themselves ahead of the competition.

24/7 Support Services

MSP teams will be up and running to extend IT support to clients and will be constantly monitoring end-user devices for potential security breaches. In the case, of tech issues associating remote workers MSP provides 24/7 concierge services predominantly while in-house IT teams are bound to fixed working hours. Since they function remotely, the managed services can still operate during a company network failure or server failure and respond quickly to avoid costly downtimes.


Apps and Softwares allow employees to connect from their devices providing a safe and productive work environment whilst providing flexibility and versatility. An efficient MSP can work with companies and recommend relevant tools that enable these features through cloud-based solutions. Remote work culture thus demands superior security and support capabilities. These capabilities can easily be built using an MSP at a fixed, predictable price point. We, at CSG Technologies collaborate with renowned vendors such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to provide the best tools that accommodate Managed Services for the remote work force. Our team of experts is highly proficient in providing cloud-based solutions and assisting in the cloud migration process. Contact us today to learn more!

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