There is no need to outsource if you already have an IT department

It is a common misconception within many companies that an in-house IT department makes outsourced IT services redundant. You either have an internal IT team or you outsource your support to a managed services provider. However, many are now turning towards a hybrid model, outsourcing certain elements of IT, whilst still keeping an internal team. There are many reasons for some businesses to keep an internal IT team. For one, they can handle daily tasks which don’t require specialist knowledge, such as printer jams or dead keyboards. Alternatively, you could hand over all your IT support requirements to a provider, allowing your team to focus on strategy.

A Cybersecurity report released recently reveals that nearly 60% of IT employees worked more than 45 hours a week with more than half feeling stressed. The report said: “IT is a critical department for many organisations, big and small, and having stressed-out IT workers responsible for delivering fast, reliable and safe systems, which the entire company is heavily reliant upon, is worrying.”

“How can we expect stressed-out IT workers to have a cool head when a big problem hit?”

Outsourcing IT helps make the internal IT department more efficient. While one takes over cumbersome tasks leaving the other to focus on strategy and growth.  

Outsourced IT is only for large enterprises

Businesses of all sizes can significantly benefit from outsourced IT services. It provides the company, big or small, with a competitive edge while also operating in a secure environment. You shouldn’t try to manage your IT alone no matter how small your business is — doing so can leave you open to network threats. Instead, focus your resources and time on core business development and leave IT to the professionals. Read our article on benefits of having your IT managed to get an in-depth understanding of what outsourcing means for your business.

Outsourcing IT can be expensive

Quality MSPs will work with your specialized budgetary needs to provide services that are right for your company without exceeding your spending goals. Expensive doesn’t always mean better, and outsourced IT professionals will be able to learn about your industry to decide which products are necessary based on your operations. They usually bundle products and services to add value to your purchase. You should be able to discuss a payment plan that works for your finances.

Furthermore, according to Security Magazine, the average cost of a data breach for a small business is $36,000 to $50,000. Therefore, any expenditure on secure IT prepared to handle threats to data is an investment as the cost of a breach – even for small businesses – is significantly high.

Keeping everything within the company means better security

Having all operations under one roof means more control, but it doesn’t always mean more security. Outsourced IT offers increased security through 24/7 monitoring, immediate threat response, proper program implementation, strategic consulting, timely software and hardware updates, data backup, disaster recovery protocols and more. Managed IT providers increase visual capabilities to prevent missed details that can happen when your IT team gets overwhelmed.

Every IT provider is equal

The choice of for the right Managed IT Service provider will be one of the most critical decision you will make for your business and its future growth. You want to make sure your IT professionals are affiliated with a reputable company you trust with your sensitive records, financial documents, customer data and other confidential information. Read our article on what to expect when looking for the right IT support services for more insight. 

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