Operational efficiency is at the core of all businesses, big or small. However, not all businesses maintain efficiency. For instance: Small businesses may have limited IT resources meaning they quickly fall behind on updates and network management, placing the company’s system at risk of an outage or breach. Therefore, for many, Managed IT Services is the solution.  However, there are several things to consider before handing over your IT to a MSP. A successful IT infrastructure depends on the service you choose for your business. An expert IT service provider should be able to effectively audit your existing IT environment and recommend ways to consolidate, save and optimize performance. Therefore, It is crucial to evaluate the services offered against the needs of your business.  Here is a checklist of service components you must expect from your managed IT service provider


Security is a key component of any IT service; However, network monitoring and support services takes on an even more critical role. Your managed IT service provider should likely have a complete plan outlining security protocol. Intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, firewall settings, and encryption should be a part of the service package along with the details on how to carry out the services. Ideally, encryption should be at the file level. 

Infrastructure Administration

Basic server maintenance, network administration, storage maintenance and typical network issues must form a part of all managed IT services. Ideally, a managed IT service should envelope everything you need performed on your network leaving you to focus on your business. It helps to create a requirement list of current IT service needs and align that with the managed IT services offered so as to ensure all aspects are covered. 

On-premise, or Remote Helpdesk Support

Is the managed service provider local or will they be providing remote support? If your support service requirements are cloud-based, then remote support is fine, a Helpdesk style support is a standard practice among many managed service providers. However, it is crucial to pay attention to the hours of support extended. A round-the-clock, 24/7 support is optimal as network failures can happen anytime. However, many managed service providers do not extend a 24/7 support service, in which case covering business hours and some weekends should be a minimum. Additionally, Support beyond business hours may be available for an additional fee or as a part of a premium service contract. 

Network Monitoring

Monitoring is critical with all of the network vulnerabilities that can interrupt your network. Many solutions allow managed providers to monitor every aspect of your network. Moreover, Ensure your managed IT service provider covers remote users, mobile devices and virtual machines. Additionally, Every aspect of your network should cover intrusion prevention and detection along with firewall configuration and monitoring.

Data Backup

Data backup is an essential component of managed IT services. If the service provider plans to have a cloud-based back-up solution, then find out how secure the cloud is. Additionally, consider asking if the backup is hosted on a private or a public cloud. 

Disaster Recovery Plan

All managed IT service providers must extend a disaster recovery plan. An IT service contract should include a complete location-dependent disaster recovery plan. Having peace of mind in knowing if and when disaster strikes your business will continue moving forward is essential to any managed services contract.

Policy Establishment

As your business scales, policies related to your IT infrastructure will need updating. For instance: These policies may include security, data monitoring, bring your own device etc. Production and updates to policies should form a part of managed IT services either as a part of a package or an additional service.  It is imperative to take all these service components into consideration while choosing a managed IT service provider. Additionally, factor in these questions to ask the service provider of your choice:

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