4 Ways in Which Managed IT Services Can Increase Your Profits

True to its name, Managed IT services “manages” the IT burden by taking it off your staff. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) assume complete responsibility for the management and delivery of IT services and their outcomes. While it helps to unload the tiresome IT related tasks onto an MSP, their involvement in your day-to-day business does not end there. They can even help increase your businesses profitability. Here are 4 ways how they can do exactly that.

#1 – Their services are billed at predictable flat-rate

Businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of having a fully dedicated team of certified IT professionals all for an affordable, flat monthly rate. That is far more cost-effective than having a variable team of IT experts who are called upon when something goes wrong. Variable expenses put the burden of the team’s inefficiency onto your shoulders. If they are not having a productive day, it would take longer to complete a task and it will cost you.

#2 – Expanding your in-house IT teams cost extra in terms of

  • HR costs
  • Salary adjustments
  • Space costs
  • Additional taxes
  • Additional equipment

On the other hand, a fixed monthly payment plan from an MSP partnership helps you keep track of what you are receiving and what to expect. There are no unexpected charges or changes in rates. Which means having more revenue per month to spend as you need on other areas of your business.

#3 – You can reduce your IT expenditures

Managed IT providers help you consolidate and manage your business in a way that reduces hardware costs. Reduced equipment can significantly improve your operating expense ratio especially with rented equipment, power bills, and more. Businesses that used an MSP saw their costs drop by up to 50% or more13% saw that level of savings, while 46% saw savings by 25% or more. A quick analysis of your expenditures and a consultation with a managed IT services provider will reveal how much you can potentially save.

#4 – Regular monitoring of your network improves profitability

It’s no secret that downtime can cost your business severely. MSPs can provide regular activity reports about your network. They cover everything from potential gaps in your cybersecurity to threats to poor network performance and downtime. This active management is crucial to ensuring that your network is secure, and any downtime is avoided.

Businesses don’t only lose money due to IT downtimes. Data shows technology downtimes impact productivity as well. On average, businesses lose 14.1 hours to annual IT downtimes. Preparing proactively is a more cost-effective strategy than taking a reactive stance to security issues.

Time saved on IT support

If you have already invested in an internal IT staff, an MSP is still of use to you. Managed IT support can provide valuable support to your internal IT staff by letting them focus on their day-to-day tasks or freeing them up to work on strategic projects. MSPs provide an easy way to flex up and flex down your IT teams capacity and effectiveness.

How can CSG Technologies help your business?

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