Why does your business need mobile device management?

The global smartphone shipments plummeted significantly during the first three months of last year. But this year, the trend has reversed and the global market for mobile devices has surged in demand. For instance, Samsung, the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer has reported fourth-quarter net profits up by more than a 25%vyear-on-year. This demand was reportedly boosted by the new corona virus-driven, working from home economy. However, this trend raises concerns around company data security, connectivity, privacy, and management. Employee provided mobile devices consist of various mobile service providers and run on different operating systems. But the good news is that these inherent risks can be curtailed by deploying a Mobile Device Management (MDM) program. MDM is a cloud based software that can be utilized to monitor, manage, and secure mobile devices across any mobile service provider and operating system. Once the software is installed on the mobile device, the IT administrator gains access to configure and adjust settings and policies through the MDM portal. By this, the company can gain control and enforce business’s mobile device usage policies on employee’s mobile devices. Here are few benefits of adopting an MDM program to your business.

  • Enhances security

In an incident where confidential data is compromised, the enterprise reputation with customers and other business partners may tarnish. This could result in negative financial impacts to company. Exposing company data to employee mobile devices increase the risk that data leakage could occur. These devices are prone to malware attacks and physical misplacements or theft. A 2020 survey revealed that nearly 40% of companies experienced mobile-related data compromises. Furthermore, research conducted by Novell revealed that a laptop or tablet was stolen every 53 seconds, and 113 cellphones were stolen or lost every minute. But by enacting an MDM program, these risks can be managed. An MDM software enables the IT administrator to coordinate security provision within the employee’s device. Also, the IT team can limit access and sharing features to company information and grant temporary access to selected data. In an instance where the mobile device is lost or stolen, the IT can also remotely lock the phone or tabloid.

  • Enables remote management of mobile devices

Devices connected to the MDM program are monitored remotely 24/7. It gives the company more hands-on access to employee mobile activity to secure the company from potential data breaches.

  • Helps increase productivity

Enterprises can grant employees access to the company network through their mobile devices after wiping out data security concerns through the MDM program. This increases productivity since it allows employees to access data from anywhere and at any time to fulfill tasks.

  • Regulatory compliance

Modern businesses impose regulatory standards to prevent unauthorized devices from gaining access to business’s sensitive information. Accessing a confidential business network by breaching regulatory standards is accounted as a legal offense. By enacting MDM software, it can help enterprises ensure the integrity of the network. The MDM monitors mobile devices to check regulatory compliance and legality.

  • Cost-effective

With the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work places, businesses can save expenses incurred on purchasing and maintaining equipment. MDM software facilitates BYOD culture by providing a secure and centralized online working environment.

  • Provides real-time support

MDM software facilitates IT administrators to access end-users’ devices, remotely. This enables them to provide solutions to end-users in real-time if a technical issue surfaces.

  • Controls devise updates

For a company to make a data breach legally actionable, a viable data security strategy should be put in place. By implementing an MDM program, all end-user devices will be updated and secured. Also, these updates are controlled automatically. Therefore it leaves no room for lag. IT solutions provided by MDM to facilitate remote working. But if it isn’t executed with properly, the company may fail to reap the desired results. Our team of professionals here at CSG Technologies can help your businesses to implement cloud-based solutions like MDM to facilitate BYOD working culture and remote working arrangements. Contact us for more information today!

Matt Parks

Matt Parks

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