Tips for Successful Virtual Sales and Consulting Meetings

Human contact is essential to conduct successful sales promotions and consultations. Since, nothing closes a deal better than eye contact and a confident handshake. However, social distancing protocols as a result of the ongoing pandemic reduced customer interactions. Therefore, sales teams have a challenge to conduct sales and consultations, via remote virtual meetings. There are many differences in virtual meetings as opposed to physical meetings. In virtual meetings, business prospects expect the sales promoter to pitch the concept, make the point and conclude under an approximate 15 min. time slot. This affords a relatively brief window to persuade the prospects.. The key to overcoming inherent challenges of virtual conferencing is preparedness.

Here are a few tips and trick which will allow you to prepare yourself to conduct successful virtual sales and consultation meetings.

Become Savvy with Video Conferencing

Indeed, email proposals to business prospects after telephone interactions worked in the past. But, it is essential for companies to speed up on virtual conferencing for sales promotions. Statistics reveal that nearly 90% of CEOs agreed to never return sales promotion calls or emails. It is evident that virtual conferencing is undoubtedly the better option. Video conferencing software also gives sales reps the opportunity to establish control over the conversation by means of screen sharing tools. The advanced video conferencing tools allow sales representatives to strategically navigate content on their own terms making the presentation impactful.

Deploying user friendly video conferencing software

Zoom, GoToWebinar and Cisco Webex are the top three video conferencing platforms. Accordingly, Zoom has approximately 22,800 active domains, GoToWebinar has approximately 11, 200 active domains and Cisco Webex has approximately 7000 active domains. Due to their user-friendly features these softwares are preferable. For instance, in Zoom, participant can join in the conference by simply clicking a link and 1-2 toggle buttons.Instead, if the joining process is stringent then it’s likely that hard earned time from a potential client will be wasted. Moreover, if the client gets irritated even before pitching the sale, the chances are that you’ve lost a prospect.

Encourage Participants to join with video

Reading body language is a paramount skill sales reps manoeuver to persuade clients into buying a product or service. By encouraging clients to join a video conference with video (preferably with a wider angel) will help sales reps to study gestures and facial expressions and overcome distance barriers making the pitch more effectively.

Familiarise yourself with the Software

Maintaining a smooth virtual conference lies mostly in the hands of the virtual conference host. Being familiar with the software features will help to curtail disturbances swiftly and enrich presentations. For instance learning to share the screen or quickly muting a participant’s mic which amplifies irritable noises are little knacks which should be mastered.

Being equipped with quality accessories such high-resolution web cams, fast internet connection and audio devices to name a few, plays an important role in making a good impression. Statistics suggest 46% of virtual conference software users claim that audio quality plays the main deciding factor to rate a video conference good or bad. In addition, 75% of young professionals will refuse poor quality video conferences. Moreover, in respect to pre-preparation, Deloitte report suggests that customers should be given an instruction manual beforehand in order to save time spent on familiarising with the software from the customer’s end.

How can we help?

Here at CSG Technologies we provide Managed IT Services to assist your enterprise’s IT department or to take on the full initiative to provide all your IT needs. In respect to manoeuvring virtual consultation applications, our engineers extend support by providing cutting-edge IT solutions to tackle any challenge. We intend to ensure the safety and sustainability of your company’s IT initiatives in order to help yield greater profits.

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