Building A Human Firewall – Increasing Your Organization’s Cyber Resilience During the Pandemic

In the past year, businesses opted for cyber security enhancements above other investments due to threats posed by proliferating cyber-attacks. These attacks pose a threat against company sensitive information, as well as IT infrastructure, business processes and continuity. Kaspersky’s annual report revealed that business’s investment on cyber security had grown from 23% in 2019 to 26% in 2020. Moreover, spending on cyber security has increased from 26% in 2019 to 29% in 2020. Despite, IT budget cuts enterprises continue to make significant investments on cyber security.

Pandemic has given rise to new and sophisticated threats that has opened doorways-which could potentially cripple companies into bankruptcy. Cyber criminals have capitalised on the instincts of fear and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic to harvest credential expeditions. These expeditions cost businesses in excess of billions of dollars. By 2021, companies will annually incur $6 trillion in collective losses according to cybersecurity ventures.

The remedy to these threats is to make your company cyber resilient. Being cyber-resilient implies a company’s-capability to counterattack-or manage a cyber-attack whilst-operating the business in seamlessly. In practice, cyber resilience-involves taking active precautionary measures against cyber threats and curbing human errors and software – hardware vulnerabilities. Therefore, the 3 pillars on which cyber resilience rests are the people, procedure and the process.

PeopleEstablishing A Cyber-Security CultureWithin the Organisation

In the past year, post pandemic restrictions instated by authorities made the employees transition towards remote working. Earlier, 29% of Americans chose remote working according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Whereas, in the post pandemic world 99% chose to work according to Buffer. This new adaptation poses greater cyber security risks on enterprises. The responsibility of protecting against cyber crimes have fallen in to the hands of regular employees rather than in-house tech specialists. But, they lack training and empowerment to protect against sophisticated cyber-threats.

Moreover, businesses fall victim to cyber-attacks in attribution to vulnerabilities associated with weak protocols, phishing scams and insecure passwords triggered by remote workers. A cyber-security culture is the most viable solution to curtail cyber threats since employees take both proactive and reactive measures in the face of vulnerabilities. Acknowledging the vitality of the human aspect to cybersecurity, CSG Technologies priorities in educating office staff as a part of its managed services

ProcessImplement an Incident-Response Plan

An incident respond plan is a term stitched to define a well-rounded plan set up to monitor and manage a network system following a cyber-security breach. This helps to identify, eradicate and achieve a speedy recovery from cyber-attacks. We at CSG technologies help businesses to conduct risk assessments and implement disaster recovery strategies that forms the foundations of a holistic business continuity plan. These services not only help enterprises to identify threats beforehand but it also helps to avoid downtime and secure a robust network system.

Conducting Cyber-diagnostic Assessments Attuned to Sophisticated Technology Utilized by Threat Actors

Recent studies unveiled that threat actors now use more sophisticated tactics to bypass business network systems. Their methods are capable of resisting basic cybersecurity defence systems that leverage AI and Machine Learning Technologies. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to conduct a comprehensive cyber diagnosis assessment which is braced to combat high tech attacks.

An ideal, on par assessment, includes assessments pertaining to email cyber-attacks, network and endpoint cyber-attacks, vulnerability scanning, spear-phishing campaigns, and penetration testing. Specifically, these assessments should be conducted by savvy professionals. Our team of IT professionals at CSG Technologies are well versed and multi experienced in providing agile and current cybersecurity solutions to enterprises.

ProcedureEnact aRound the Clock Monitoring, Detection and Response System

Adopting a round the clock, robust monitoring, detection and response system is essential to enhance and fasten a company’s cyber resilience. In addition, it helps to keep all cyber incidents such as email systems, network systems, software applications, information endpoints, which are prone to security breaches, in check. CSG Technologies provides Managed IT services to conduct 24/7 network monitoring, detecting and response systems.​ We provide well-rounded and precise reports which help detect the security position with respect to your company’s cyber incidents. Furthermore, we tailor these reports in a way to meet requirements of your entire staff. To find out more about our managed IT services, contact our experts today.

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