In a technology driven industry where frequency, severity and sophistication of cyber attacks against data rich and IT intensive businesses continue to increase, challenges remain specific to each organization. The rate of technology adoption can easily outpace its ability to manage the associated risks. Another form of cyber attack can be a former or current employees pulling down computer networks and compromising data. These include risks to intellectual property, customer data and sensitive internal data.

The inevitability of a breach also demands a clear and practical network incident response plan. Hardware, software, policies and procedures designed to defend against both internal and external threats make up a company’s system’s Network Security. While demand for technology is imminent for their ability to reduce inefficiency and increase productivity, the rise for network security technology is imperative as a direct response to cyber attack.

The Increasing threat of Cyber Attacks

Organizations which house sensitive data such as hospitals, face an impact of $6 billion a year due to cyber-attacks. Therefore, a holistic risk management strategy is required to combat the renewed threat effectively. Overall, a tripartite approach that embraces rigorous internal procedures, external professional support and appropriate insurance cover can play is essential.

In conclusion, working in tandem with experts plays a key role in preventing cyber attacks as they respond quickly to mitigate network security failure.

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