Consider an office space that has all the amenities one would imagine, including 24-hour surveillance, manned security, round the clock maintenance services and room for unlimited expansion. Now consider having to pay rent for this space. It definitely wouldn’t come cheap. However, if you shared the space with another office, the impact of rent will reduce significantly. The “cloud” is a similar space for your data and applications. Where you get to enjoy all the benefits of maintenance, monitoring and security while still reaping the advantages of economies of scale. Cloud migration is the process of moving a company’s on-premise digital business operations into the cloud. It involves moving data, applications and IT processes from on-premise, or legacy infrastructure, to the cloud. However, the term can also apply to a migration from one cloud to another cloud.

What is a Legacy Infrastructure?

In computing, software or hardware is “legacy” when outdated but still in use. Legacy products and processes are usually not as efficient or secure as more up-to-date solutions. Businesses stuck running legacy systems are in danger of falling behind their competitors in capabilities, ; as well as facing an increased cost of maintenance and higher risk of data breaches.

Main Benefits of Cloud Migration?

What Are the Main Challenges of Migrating to The Cloud?

What Cloud Deployment Style Should Companies Choose?

In addition to cloud migration strategy, businesses need to decide how their cloud deployment will look once the migration is complete.

How CSG Technologies Can Help

Deploying cloud based operational environment requires migration from legacy (or old) IT infrastructure and system to the new cloud-based systems. This requires re-platforming, re-architecting, data migration, and managing complex network environments. CSG Technologies partners with leading public cloud vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google to provide services that range from assessments and migration planning, to executing the migration, to leveraging and managing the new cloud solutions. When considering a move to the cloud, we’d be glad to help you navigate this process.

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