you are a human firewall. Your capabilities at detecting malicious attempts are fantastic”

“You are making your company vulnerable my friend. Don’t fret, Identifying the problem is half the solution. Taking this quiz was the first step towards building awareness. The second step is to get in touch with a Cybersecurity expert to help you out. Call us!”

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#1. What is the simplest way to stop brute-force cyberattacks dead in their tracks?

#2. What’s the quickest way to stop a suspected app, device, or OS from spying on you?

#3. What is the weakest link in cybersecurity?

#4. Which one of these things will a comprehensive cyber insurance NOT protect you from?

#5. What’s the best way to secure a weak password like “monkey123”?

#6. The best way to minimize your digital footprint is to:

#7. What’s the best way to deal with pesky robocalls?

#8. Which organization is the most vulnerable to hacking?

#9. When is it ok to reuse a password?

#10. What should you do if you think your identity or accounts have been compromised?