Source: https://hbr.org/2023/11/what-the-next-generation-of-project-management-will-look-like

As the business landscape evolves, the role of project managers is undergoing significant transformations driven by emerging trends:

Gartner research indicates that businesses are increasingly adopting agile development and product management models, with 44% of work now delivered through agile methods and 39% through product models. Traditional project management activities, such as validating requirements, maintaining scope, and measuring benefits, have shifted to autonomous delivery teams like scrum and fusion teams. Furthermore, advancements in generative AI are automating many project management tasks, including resource utilization tracking and business case creation.

Despite these changes, a global Gartner survey suggests that the project manager role will remain one of the fastest growing within Project Management Offices (PMOs) over the next few years. So, how can project managers continue to provide value in this evolving context?

10 Essential Next-Generation Skills for Project Managers

In this new environment, project managers play a crucial role in addressing complex challenges, such as overcoming organizational silos and managing cross-team efficiencies. While AI can automate many tasks, the uniquely human aspects of project management, like relationship building and stakeholder management, remain irreplaceable.

However, traditional project management skills alone are no longer sufficient. Gartner predicts that by 2026, two-thirds of project managers’ skills will need to be redesigned to meet new organizational needs. Based on a survey of 373 project management leaders, ten “next generation” skills were identified as crucial for success:

1. Organizational Awareness

2. Data Acumen

3. Cross-Functional Collaboration

4. Decision Making

5. Willingness to Explore and Adopt New Technology

6. Financial Acumen

7. Process and Framework Expertise

8. Customer Centricity

9. Growth Mindset

10. Ability to Coach and Motivate Teams

These skills are particularly important in agile and product-centric delivery contexts, where bridging organizational silos and delivering enterprise-wide value are essential. For instance,
managing a mobile app’s lifecycle requires coordination across various business units to provide a seamless customer experience.


Future-Focused Project Manager Roles


Gartner has identified three critical roles project managers can play to meet future organizational needs: teacher, fixer, and orchestrator. Each role addresses different challenges and requires
a unique set of skills:


The Teacher: Ideal for organizations early in their digital journey, these project managers excel in coaching and motivating teams, adopting new technologies, and ensuring a focus on shared accountability.


The Fixer: Suited for organizations seeking to boost delivery efficiency, fixers are adept at cross-functional collaboration, decision-making, and financial acumen. They creatively address complex problems and manage risks
across projects and portfolios.


The Orchestrator: Essential for enterprises undergoing digital transformation, orchestrators excel in managing high levels of complexity and ensuring resource alignment. They bring together diverse information and translate strategic
imperatives into actionable plans.


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