Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/larryenglish/2023/12/27/ai-will-save-not-kill-project-management/?sh=3db58e1535e7

Gartner predicts that by 2030, 80 percent of project management work will be handled by artificial intelligence (AI). Before this statistic sends project managers into a panic, it’s crucial to understand that AI is here to enhance—not replace—your role. AI will make you more efficient and effective, providing better insights and greater control over your projects, leading them to success.

Consider another statistic: organizations invest $48 trillion in projects annually, yet only a little over one-third of these projects succeed. This highlights the urgent need for a more mature approach to project and program management. Despite advancements, many project managers still rely on slides, spreadsheets, and manual record-keeping. While these methods might meet deadlines and deliverables, they fall short for large projects with evolving targets.

AI Frees Project Managers for High-Value Work

Much of the anxiety around AI comes from misunderstandings about project management. Many believe that managing projects is merely about conducting meetings and creating task lists. However, true project management involves influencing teams, managing deadlines, and controlling budgets that often aren’t directly within the project manager’s purview.

Where does this influence come from? From solid data and insights—areas where AI excels. AI tools can provide project managers with the data needed to anticipate problems early, set appropriate budgets, and accurately determine deadlines and timelines.

For instance, AI tools like Microsoft’s Copilot in Teams can automate meeting agendas and notes. Copilot tracks attendance, flags key stakeholders who miss meetings, and helps avoid future complications. It can also record key decisions and assess the cost versus the value of meetings. This automation frees project managers from administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks like stakeholder engagement and team coaching.

Peter Taylor, vice president of global project management at Ceridian, emphasizes, “AI offers an opportunity to free up project manager time and allow them to do what they do best—lead teams and get the very best out of people. This will no doubt deliver far better results, fewer errors, more motivation, and greater success.”

Leveraging AI in Project Management Today

To start benefiting from AI, project managers should begin with documentation and reporting—areas that often consume significant time for minimal value. Tools like Microsoft’s Copilot can summarize meeting notes and repurpose data efficiently. GenAI tools such as ChatGPT can assist in writing personas, acceptance criteria, and pulling regulatory documentation, saving project managers from manual data entry and repurposing.

Project managers still need to refine AI-generated outputs, but starting with a baseline can save substantial time. Educating yourself on AI’s capabilities is a critical first step. “Learn, read, explore, get engaged in debate, do anything you can to discover the realities and the potential of AI in your project world and beyond,” advises Taylor. “It’s about being open-minded and proactively considering how and where AI can aid project management. And if your organization is not talking about AI yet, lobby to get the conversation started.”

New Technology, Old Story

Fears about new technology impacting jobs are not new. When Agile methodologies emerged, some predicted the demise of project management. Instead, project management adapted and became more agile.

When integrating AI into project management, remember it’s not about the tool itself but improving your processes. Tools can automate inefficient processes quickly. The focus should be on how AI can enhance visibility, predict future outcomes, and streamline low-value tasks. Ultimately, project managers will still need to interpret AI insights and drive projects forward based on this data.

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