Source: https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/isaca-data-privacy-report/

Navigating data privacy and compliance with evolving data protection laws faces significant hurdles due to a lack of understanding and budget constraints, according to the latest insights from ISACA.
In its 2024 report, “The State of Data Privacy,” ISACA revealed that a majority (57%) of cyber professionals lack confidence in their organization’s privacy team to ensure data privacy and comply with new regulations. One key reason is the widespread lack of understanding about the privacy regulations, with two-thirds (66%) of professionals admitting to this challenge.

Insufficient training or the absence thereof is another common issue leading to privacy failures, closely followed by inadequate implementation of privacy by design and the risk of data breaches.
Among the 1300 respondents, 43% pointed out budgetary constraints as a significant challenge, with many stating their privacy budget is underfunded. Alarmingly, more than half of the professionals expect further reductions in this budget for 2024.

These challenges translate into practical difficulties for IT professionals when establishing data privacy programs. The most commonly cited obstacles include:

Rising Demand for In-House Training and Privacy Consultants

ISACA’s study indicates a growing demand for data privacy roles in 2024, with 62% of respondents noticing an increased need for technical privacy roles and 55% anticipating a further demand for legal and compliance roles.

While prior legal or compliance experience remains crucial for recruiting privacy specialists, the primary skill sought is a comprehensive understanding of various technologies and applications, as noted by 63% of respondents.

However, ISACA highlights that recruitment isn’t the sole solution to bridging the data privacy skills gap. Half of the respondents (50%) prioritize training existing staff interested in transitioning into privacy roles. Moreover, 39% foresee an uptick in the use of contract employees or external consultants to bolster privacy programs.

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