Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2023/06/14/3-ways-emerging-technology-is-key-to-company-growth-in-2023/?sh=12b050467daf

In the face of economic challenges, business leaders are turning to technology, profitability, and savings to navigate the uncertainties of 2023. According to recent surveys by Icertis and AVO, the economic climate ranks as the top challenge for enterprises, closely followed by the imperative need for effective technology utilization. As organizations prioritize digital transformation, the right technology choices become critical for success.

1. Automation for Efficiency and Cost Reduction:

In a landscape where companies aim to achieve more with fewer resources, cost savings and efficiency are paramount. Research shows that 31% of leaders identify cost savings as a critical goal, and 38% emphasize improving efficiency. Emerging technologies like robotics, automation, and generative AI are set to play a pivotal role. Companies can leverage these tools to automate business processes, reduce labor costs, and enhance productivity. The fast adoption of AI, enables self-service AI tools that empower employees to make real-time decisions, fostering an efficient workforce.

2. Strengthening Customer Relationships:

Recognizing the importance of maintaining unparalleled customer experiences, 29% of leaders see improving products and services as a growth opportunity. AI-driven solutions, combined with existing technologies like customer relationship management (CRM), will elevate the customer experience. This is crucial as consumer expectations evolve. Security is another key aspect, with 28% citing enhanced security as a top business opportunity. As security executives adopt a cloud-first approach, AI will play a significant role in data management, ensuring customer information is protected. The right technology not only enhances security but also builds trust amid conversations about ethics and privacy.

3. Better Data Management for Faster Decision Making:

In 2023, 21% of executives believe leveraging data for better decisions is a key opportunity. Emerging technologies like AI-powered supply chain management and contract lifecycle management (CLM) provide tools to analyze large amounts of data faster and more effectively. These foundational technologies enable companies to organize and structure data, unlocking unique insights and facilitating real-time decision-making. As businesses strive to thrive, leaders should seek solutions that integrate data to drive strategic outcomes, create cost savings, and ensure compliance.

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