Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2023/09/27/2024-tech-trends-businesses-should-start-preparing-for-now/?sh=1e708f2c1ea8

As we approach 2024, technology continues to shape the business landscape, extending beyond the realms of artificial intelligence (AI). Experts highlight 20 key trends that businesses should look out for to be prepared for the next technological revolution.

1. Power Grid Stability: Anticipate potential power grid instability by focusing on energy efficiency and self-reliance. Consider business continuity plans that include power redundancy.

2. Reducing Technical Debt: Tackle the complexity of tech stacks to reduce costs, security risks, and foster innovation. Embrace newer technologies that consolidate systems and applications.

3. Incorporating AI and ML: Beyond generative AI, invest in broader artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to drive significant business growth.

4. AI Integration Readiness: Prioritize the human aspect of AI integration by communicating strategies clearly, investing in skills development, and fostering trust within the workforce.

5. Ensuring Ethical AI Usage: Educate developers on responsible and ethical AI usage, emphasizing control over intellectual property, accuracy, and security in AI-generated code.

6. CIOs as CFOs: In 2024, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) will act more like Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), optimizing tech stacks to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

7. Prioritizing Repeatability and Scalability: Modern firms will prioritize the repeatability and scalability of data products, emphasizing lean approaches to stay modern without overspending.

8. Accelerating Digital Transformation: Expect another acceleration in digital transformation, with innovations catering to the on-demand economy and enhancing workplace operations.

9. Voice Search for Browsing and Shopping: Prepare for the continued rise of voice search by optimizing websites for voice queries and adopting conversational writing styles.

10. Blending Customer-Centric Marketing and Privacy: The intersection of AI-powered, customer-centric marketing and a privacy-first world will shape marketing strategies. Proactive dual dynamics will yield the best results.

11. Adopting DeFi: Decentralized finance (DeFi) will redefine banking, lending, and insurance. Businesses should grasp DeFi’s intricacies to stay ahead in the transformative financial landscape of 2024.

12. Embedding Financial Workflows: Integrate financial workflows into core product offerings, recognizing the integral role of financial processes in both B2B and B2C businesses.

13. Brain-Computer Interfaces: Explore the integration of neurotechnology data into various applications for enhanced user experiences and innovative product offerings.

14. Harnessing Data for Generative AI: Address the challenge of data governance and migration for holistic implementation of generative AI, unlocking its full potential.

15. Governance and Security of AI and LLMs: Expect a focus on the governance and security of AI and large language models, especially in scenarios where sensitive information is involved.

16. Protecting Data Access and Privileges: Heighten cybersecurity efforts by focusing on identity management and proactive protection of proprietary data access and privileges.

17. Tapping into the Power of 5G: Explore opportunities in the expansion of 5G networks, paving the way for new technologies in IoT, digital twins, smart cities, and communication.

18. Merging Physical, Generative, and Virtual Realities: Prepare for the integration of generative AI and metaverse trends, investing in augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality technologies.

19. Leveraging Quantum Computing: Get ready for the quantum computing trend, which has the potential to resolve complex issues more quickly and bring breakthroughs across various fields.

20. Preparing for Emotional AI: Businesses should anticipate the rise of emotional AI in customer interactions, understanding how to ethically implement it to enhance user experiences without compromising privacy.

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