5 Tech Trends Shaped by Automation in 2023

Source: Forbes

As we step into 2023, the rapid evolution of technology shows no signs of slowing down. One significant factor driving this progress is the increased adoption of automation. Here are five key technology trends to watch:

Smarter Integration

The evolution of protocols and IoT standards will enable seamless integration of smart devices in homes. This year, expect advancements that allow different technologies to communicate and integrate more effectively, improving convenience and enhancing security for IoT devices.

Rise of Industry Cloud Platforms

Industry-specific cloud platforms will experience significant growth. These platforms combine infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and industry-specific software, allowing vertical markets to leverage automation for improved business outcomes. Partnerships like Microsoft and Land O’Lakes are paving the way for this expansion.

Instantaneous Speech Translation

AI-powered speech and voice translation tools will revolutionize communication. Real-time translation capabilities, already seen in platforms like Zoom, will facilitate collaboration among multilingual teams and enable international business operations.

Recognizing the Value of Low-Code

Low-code and no-code frameworks gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses embraced digital modernization. These automation tools empower non-technical professionals to develop applications swiftly. The trend of non-tech professionals driving technology products and services is expected to continue.

Empowering Human Innovation with Hyper automation

Automation is no longer feared as a job threat. Hyper automation is proving to be beneficial by freeing up employees to focus on creative thinking. Businesses of all sizes will increasingly adopt this approach, leveraging their workforce’s intellectual capabilities and boosting productivity.

Automation is the driving force shaping the technology landscape in 2023 and beyond. Organizations that embrace automation-related solutions are likely to stay competitive in their industries.

Matt Parks

Matt Parks

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