AI And Automation Rise in Popularity in 2023 

Source: Forbes 

Incorporating AI and automation technologies has become a crucial aspect of various industries, such as manufacturing, retail, marketing, healthcare, and business. A Deloitte study reveals that more than 50% of organizations plan to adopt AI and automation in 2023, despite concerns from some executives. In fact, leading organizations investing in AI and automation business tools expect significant growth in the coming years. 

Here are some predictions for how business practices will evolve in 2023: 

Changing the Nature of Work: AI and automation are revolutionizing industries worldwide. For instance, AI and machine learning-powered chatbots are enhancing customer experiences, while the real estate industry utilizes AI-based touring and Smart Home Search Portals to improve agent productivity and provide personalized buying experiences. These technologies streamline workflows, reduce operating costs, and boost customer satisfaction. 

Changes to PPC Management: The pay-per-click (PPC) landscape witnessed significant changes in 2022, and similar shifts are expected in 2023. To adapt to a volatile PPC world, businesses should embrace the concept of “automation layering” to maintain control over automation. Automation layering provides PPC professionals with greater control over ad campaigns, acting as “insurance” to prevent costly mistakes during unexpected machine learning outcomes. 

AI and Automation Impact on SEO: AI has been transforming marketing and SEO practices, and this trend continues in 2023. AI-assisted automation streamlines complex tasks in SEO workflows. AI SEO automation platforms assist with onsite optimization, content creation, keyword research, and SEO accuracy, reducing repetitive tasks and enhancing productivity. 

Auto AI Improvements to the Model Lifecycle: Tools like IBM AutoAI and UiPath simplify AI lifecycle management processes, enabling businesses to collaborate with data scientists and DevOps to integrate AI models into software applications. These advancements reduce errors, accelerate decision-making, and expand overall automation capabilities, facilitating scalable business and production environments. 

Automation of End-to-End Processes: Gartner’s study explores how hyper-automation capabilities are reshaping business strategies, providing insights, and enabling end-to-end process automation. This approach integrates resources related to data security and regulations, ensuring companies comply with privacy laws and avoid costly penalties. 

Investing in AI and automation technologies in 2023 can significantly enhance your business operations, regardless of your industry or company size. While the adoption of advanced technologies may seem overwhelming, remember that you have control and can harness their potential to drive your success. 

Matt Parks

Matt Parks

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