World Password Day: Why We’re Still Using Vulnerable Tech 

Source: Bree Fowler (CNET) 

World Password Day was on May the 4th and aims to raise awareness about the risks of weak passwords and the need for stronger online account security. Weak passwords can put personal information at risk, especially when they are reused across multiple accounts. While passwords have been the go-to authentication method, there is a growing push to move beyond them. Alternatives such as biometric indicators, physical keys, authentication apps, and passkeys are emerging as more secure options. Passkeys, based on protocols from the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, offer a better user experience and eliminate the vulnerabilities of passwords. However, passkeys are still in the early stages of adoption and require integration into apps and websites. In the meantime, password managers can help in generating and remembering complex passwords. It is crucial to create longer and unique passwords, avoid recycling them, and promptly change compromised passwords. Additionally, practicing caution with personal information on social media and using two-factor authentication (2FA) can significantly enhance account security. 2FA adds an extra layer of protection by requiring an additional form of identification, such as a code, biometric, or physical key, during login. While text-based 2FA can be susceptible to SIM swapping scams, therefore other forms of 2FA offer more secure alternatives. 

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