Make Cybersecurity a Part of Your Product’s Design from the Start 

Source: Jack J. Domet (HBR) 

Digital transformation brings both opportunities and risks. Companies must innovate to stay competitive, but this also exposes them to new cyber threats. To address these risks, businesses need to proactively integrate cybersecurity into their digital innovation strategies. Instead of reacting to attacks, companies should anticipate risks and implement cybersecurity controls from the beginning. Traditional approaches to cybersecurity, which focus on compliance and separate it from innovation, are insufficient. Cybersecurity must be intrinsic to product and service design, ensuring protection without hindering efficiency. By collaborating closely with cybersecurity teams and incorporating security measures during the design phase, organizations can avoid costly delays and redesigns. This shift requires a cultural change and a shared responsibility between design and cybersecurity teams. By integrating cybersecurity into the design process and fostering collaboration, businesses can proactively protect their products, services, and overall operations in the face of evolving cyber threats in the digital era. 

Matt Parks

Matt Parks

About the Author: President & CEO, Matt has over 20 years building and leading high functioning teams
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