How to Secure Your Email as Cybersecurity Concerns Grow 

Source: Attila Tomaschek (CNET) 

In today’s increasingly digital world, cybersecurity concerns are at an all-time high. As the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate, the risk of a potential cyberattack increases as well. Although larger organizations are the most likely target, individuals shouldn’t take their personal online safety for granted. Email is one of the least secure technologies and is especially susceptible to attack. Here are five things you can do today to secure your email: 

1. Use a strong, unique password. 

2. Enable two-factor authentication. 

3. Use a secure email service to encrypt your messages. 

4. Identify and avoid phishing scams. 

5. Use Apple’s Hide My Email feature if you have an iPhone. 

Remember, these are just a few fundamental steps you can take to protect your digital privacy and mitigate the risk of being affected by a cyberattack. Creating a local backup of high-priority correspondence or email-dependent documents is also important in case of a potential outage. Stay vigilant and take the necessary precautions to secure your email account. For more cybersecurity advice, read about scams to watch out for, and why it’s important to keep your operating system updated. 

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Matt Parks

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